Family Law Accounting Delray Beach and Boca Raton

Lawyers depend on accountants when it comes to assessment, understanding or analyzing financial issues during a legal battle.  In divorce cases, these accountants, often called forensic accountants, they have gained the reputation of preparing financial documents and reports for the parties fighting the divorce case. Actony Inc provides reliable family law accounting in Delray beach. Our services include but are not limited to

  • Cash available report – we prepare this report to help the parties to decide the child support and the espousal expenses.
  • Professional & Business Practice Valuations – We specialize in preparing this report which determines the valuation of any business for both the parties. This helps the parties to divide the property in amicable manner.
  • Standard of living reports – quite self-explanatory, this report is used to calculate the living expenses of the couple during the marriage so the correct espousal expenses can be reached.
  • Community Property Balance Sheet – this is the list prepared by Actony Inc, which lists all the properties, assets, liabilities and reimbursement of the parties, whether owned singularly or jointly. This list is used as the master sheet for determining the proper division of the assets.
  • Asset Tracing – Very important report which decides the ownership of different assets for different parties.
  • Credits and reimbursements – We prepare this report so the parties’ claims on the community asset after separation is paid by one party.
  • Separate property analysis – Actony Inc prepares this report to help parties divide the property properly including real property, inherited property and retirement plans.